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Complaints management process for Swinto

To create a positive relationship during each of your interactions with us, Swinto aims at addressing any dissatisfaction, request, or complaint. We make sure that each of your requests and complaints are handled in a professional manner and within the foreseen deadlines to provide a suitable and fair solution for you. Through a fair complaint management process, we aim to improve the services and products provided to you.

If we have failed to meet your expectations or if you have a reason to address a complaint to us, please contact us. We value each request and take your comments and complaints seriously.

Complaints and requests can be submitted through:

  • Swinto application
  • Contact Form on the website
  • Email to support@swinto.com
  • In person at Swinto offices

For Swiss clients:

  • Swinto Schweiz AG, Ibelweg 18A, CH – 6300 Zug
  • Phone tel: +41 445525949

For Kosova clients:

  • Phone +383 38 600 440
  • Swinto Kosova ShA, Anton Cetta 5A, 10000 – Prishtina, Kosova

During the process of submitting claims or complaints, please provide the following information in order for us to address your issue.

  • Enter your first name, last name, personal ID number (for Kosova clients), contact number and full address;
  • Describe your issue in detail and attach any documents that might be relevant to proving your claim.

For any complaint addressed, you will receive confirmation on the contact number or through the Swinto app.

We will try to process your complaint as soon as possible, but please be aware that the duration of the complaint handling can take up to 15 working days, depending on the complexity of your claim. If your case requires more time, we will contact you to inform and notify you about the status of your claim or complaint.

In case you are not satisfied with the solution given to your complaint, you have the right to contact the Central Bank of Kosova and other competent authorities.

Do you want to file a complaint? If so, please fill out the form.

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