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Transfer money with no financial borders

Transfer money to your friends, your loved ones and relatives – with one tap.

Transfers are always instant and free between Swinto friends.

Pay with Swinto – in a jiffy

Pay and get paid within seconds.

Shop effortlessly via QR codes by simply scanning away.

Withdraw money and cash up right away

Get cash on-the-go within our merchant partners network.

Check the map on the app and find the closest store to withdraw cash.

Exchange Currencies – At any time

You can convert money whenever you want at preferred rates.

Keep up with real-time rates at any time.

Top up Swinto – Cash, Credit Card or via Bank

You can top up your Swinto account, via Bank transfer, by using the details in your account profile or cash deposits in your neighborhood store, or through your Credit Card.

Subscribe for recurring payments

No need to worry about frequent payments, you can set them up on a daily, weekly, monthly or even annually basis and have a peace of mind.

Set them up once, and let Swinto deal with them in the future.

Request money with ease

Request money from your friends, whenever and wherever.

Enjoy this feature in only a few taps.