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Our mission

Our mission is to build an ecosystem that supports us all in our financial journey, that easily connects one-another and wipes away the old barriers, makes finance accessible to all people, by profoundly re-shaping the way we think and manage finance for a better future.

Our vision

A reliable, cost efficient, easy to use and secure financial platform, for everyone, anywhere and at anytime.

Our value

We are committed to promoting empowerment and responsibility, ensuring financial inclusion for all and maintaining diverse partnerships. All our activities are based on work principles focused on CSR and environmental sustainability.



Why Swinto?

We are part of a growing community, giving you the ability to access, use and move your money on the go.
We treat our financial matters fairly and with transparency.

The Platform

Swinto is a fair, connected and people-friendly financial ecosystem, one that positively impacts that which is so central in our lives. From the first day Swinto started our focus has been the people, our own experiences, our family, friends and the wider communities in which we partake, Swinto is an answer to the the real-world barriers holding us back.


Swinto is more than just a money transfer app

Swinto is a product of the company Swinto J.S.C, which operates in Switzerland and Kosovo, and is licensed by the Central Bank of Kosova as a Non-Bank Financial Institution.

Swinto digital platform offers various financial products, such as: cost-free and instant transfers within the Swinto ecosystem, sophisticated payment methods, currency conversions with preferential terms, and other services related to digital finance. Swinto aims at creating an ecosystem that is sustainable for its customers and partners providing fast and efficient access to modern financial services.

This means we are not just a product, we are a community in humanising finance within a wider platform where everyone can participate and gain for our common connection. Join us and be a part of this new financial ecosystem.