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How to edit personal details

In order to edit your personal details you need to:

• Tap on the ‘Profile‘ option on the menu.

• Tap ‘Personal details‘.

On this page you can have control over your personal information and preferences relating to your account on Swinto.

Your personal information is tightly connected to your identity and therefore really important, for this reason editing your personal information needs extra care so we assign you directly with one of our Customer Support agents to help you make all the changes you would like.

• You can edit your first name, surname, date of birth, address.

• Simply tap ‘Edit‘ and you’ll connect with someone from our Customer Support team.

  In rare cases, if one of our Customer Support agents are not online at that moment then you can leave a message for us whereby you will need to fill in the information that we’ve prepared for you.

• Write down your name, email address and leave a message regarding the changes you want to make. After you’ve finished, tap ‘Leave message‘.

However, if you want to change your personal information like phone number or email address, simply;

• Tap ‘Edit‘ next to each info section.