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Verification Process

In accordance with regulations we are required to verify your business. Your information will be encrypted and stored securely.

A few steps to ensure the verification goes smoothly:

• Tap ‘Start the verification process‘.

You’re doing great! We may request to take a photo of the certificate of the incorporation of your business, you can also upload it as an image or PDF, make sure you are using a document that isn’t expired, damaged or unreadable then;

• Tap ‘Continue‘.

This will only take a few minutes. We need a photo of your official document. In addition to that please tick the little boxes  by agreeing to our Company’s Terms & Conditions and Data Policy, then;

• Tap ‘Continue‘.

Almost there… take a picture of the certificate

• Take a clear picture, where every single detail is readable without any blur or glare.

• Retake the picture if needed, if not, tap ‘Photo is clear‘.

You can also upload it as an image or PDF.

By doing so you are all finished with the verification process. Please, give us a little bit of time as we need to review your documents, we will notify you once you’re all good to go.