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May 6,2022

Swinto launches in Kosovë and Switzerland

Swinto, the all-inclusive financial platform, is launching in Kosova and Switzerland, offering accounts, fund transfers and instant payments, safe and free of cost, as well as currency conversions and cash transactions at preferential costs.

  • Transfers and payments to and from Swinto users are free of charge and instant
  • Swinto operates as an Ecosystem where all participants will benefit
  • Bridging the gap between Kosova and its Diaspora in money transfers and payments
  • Modern and user-friendly ways to make your payments
  • Seamless and full-service platform with open banking principles developed in Kosovë
  • Swinto is crafted, managed, and offered by an ambitious and energetic team, with long experience in FinTech, banking, business, risk management and marketing

Swinto is an innovative App serving as an inclusive financial platform, enters the financial market in Kosova and Switzerland. The platform is developed by Swinto Sh.a., a company registered in Kosovo and licensed by the Central Bank of Kosova as NBFI, wholly owned by Velanis AG, which is registered in Switzerland and has a strategic partnership agreement with Hypothekarbank Lenzburg AG.

Swinto financial platform has entered the market as a solution which enables instant and free of chargepayment services and low-cost cash transactions for the users in Kosova and Switzerland, later to be expanded into other markets in Western Balkans and Western Europe. As such, Swinto aims at simplifying payments and transfers and being an option of choice in the pocket of customers by offering the most advanced technologies.

Swinto Sh.a. conducted an in-depth analysis of the Kosova financial market and concluded that there is a need for solutions that will enable the end-customers to have a suitable solution for digital payments and money transfers. Therefore, Swinto is the only company in the market that offers free outsourced transactions and is creating an ecosystem to generate added value for all participants, starting from individuals, businesses, partner banks, and other stakeholders.

Considering that transferring money from abroad is expensive, time consuming, as well as a complex process for most people and considering the amount of remittances flowing towards Kosova, Swinto will offer the Albanian diaspora the opportunity to transfer money to their families, friends, and relatives immediately and at no cost. At the same time, the Albanian diaspora and Kosova residents will have the opportunity to spend their money via the App at Swinto business partners offering point of sale services, both payments and cash transactions. In this way, Swinto offers the most innovative platform which bridges the gap in payments and transfers between Albanians residing in Kosovo and those residing abroad.

Swinto platform is offered as an App for free, which can be downloaded both from Apple Store and Google Play. Opening of the account and onboarding process take less than 5 minutes in a highly modern and user-friendlyinteraction. As an electronic money issuer, a complete customer activation process is envisioned, starting from identification of customers, storing their personal details and photos and verification of the authenticity. Upon successful completion of the verification process, customer details will be recorded and a written electronic agreement in accordance with the CBK Regulation on Electronic Payment Instruments will be drafted and transmitted to the customer for review. If the Customers agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement, the customer will sign the contract and confirm their acceptance.

Mr. Alban Nevzati, the Co-founder of the company states that “Swinto platform is envisioned to financially serve the underserved, to include the unbanked customers in the financial system, and to contribute to the formalization of the Kosova economy. This all is possible while using the Swinto App, which integrates various players into a dynamic ecosystem adding value to each of them. Swinto is the innovative financial platform built around open-banking principles, which connects users and businesses with convenient, smart, instant, low-cost, and secure payment methods. On the other hand, Swinto will be the best choice to channel the high-volume remittances flowing towards Kosova each year. In this way, Swinto will financially connect Albanians living in different countries with a low-cost, instant, and secure platform for sending/receiving the average 1 billion euro per year via the official channels, and allegedly twice the amount flowing outside the financial system”.

Swinto is the only financial platform in the Kosova market that offers free transactions from abroad and is creating an ecosystem to generate added value for all participants. Swinto organization is managed by a unique team of Swiss-English-Albanian professionals with long experience in the Banking and the Financial Technology industry. Swinto is managed by a flat organizational structure, with industry experts responsible for key positions, keeping the company complete and eliminating the need for a complex company diagram.

To understand more about Swinto, please visit the company website: www.swinto.com.

About Swinto: 

Swinto is a financial platform under the ownership of Velanis, which is a FinTech company that provides financial solutions and services in various countries. Swinto e-wallet is an innovative App offering multiple, seamless, and state-of-the-art payment methods, instant money transfers, payments, and other financial services to customers in Switzerland and Kosova and soon also in other countries in the Western Balkans and in Western Europe. Swinto aims at creating an easy, simple, instant, and trustful payment ecosystem to offer the best possible solutions to clients for their daily use.

Swinto PR Office: 

Name: Vita Kupa

Number: +383 49 354 154

Email: vita.kupa@velanis.ch 


Swinto Special Event Keynote will be broadcasted LIVE on May 6, at 19:00 via the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/309534874517625